Research Strategy

Over 80 per cent of deaths globally are caused due to diseases or medical conditions which are incompatible with patient´s life. Researches show that out of 80 per cent, almost 30 per cent of deaths are caused due to cardiovascular diseases, which currently rank as first among death causing diseases. This is followed by coronary diseases which are causing 13 per cent of deaths globally. Cancer is ranked fourth with 12per cent of deaths. The fifth position is occupied by stroke which currently globally causes 10 per cent of deaths. To help reduce these numbers and to improve treatment of the above stated diseases and patients ‘conditions, PrimeCell Therapeutics continuously develops and tests new cutting-edge products with the use of modern medical procedures based on human tissues, cells and hi-tech biomaterials. In addition to the research of the treatment of fatal human conditions and chronic diseases, PrimeCell Therapeutics focuses on patients´ acute and traumatology conditions. The occurrence of these conditions is significantly lower than in the previously described diseases, however, it appears most frequently within citizens in productive age and children. Indeed, a fast and effective treatment is thus necessary as is returns individuals back to their full life and work procedures. In the Czech Republic, annually, there are approximately twenty thousands of citizens who suffer from acute cartilage damage. About 12 thousands of citizens suffer from burns and 28 thousands of citizens suffer from traumatic bone damage as a result of an injury. The aim of the research activities and innovative projects of PrimeCell Therapeutics is to significantly contribute to improve and enhance the health conditions of the population, as well as to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases and to extend the viability of human organism.