The biomedical clinical trials company

PrimeCell is the bio-med company focusing on discovering and clinical testing of biological drugs and medicinal technologies, which are changing genes and cells parameters to support regeneration of human tissues and organs.

We are changing the classic treatment paradigm

Our multidisciplinary approach engaging gene therapy, cell and tissue engineering, molecular biologyis known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine, represents a combination of biomedical approaches which are changing the paradigm of classic treatment. Regenerative medicine aims a complete restoration of lost functions via application of specific biological product, personalized approach and minimum side effects. It makes possible to cure malignancies and clinical conditions, that are currently lacking efficient treatment, thus reducing suffering of people. Our aim is not to simply prolong the life expectancy, but to improve its quality throughout the whole course.

Products for 5000 patients

We produce ca. 40 products, for cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, burns, chronic wounds etc. Our products are constantly innovated. In 2018 we entered the market with the brand-new medicinal product AmnioDerm®, for the treatment of chronic wounds. Currently, we are finishing the development of novel product AmnioGel® which, will be used for the treatment of scars and acute wounds. Product NTC Chondrograft™ intended for the treatment of damaged chondral defects entered phase III clinical testing in EU. Our products are helping to more than ca. 5000 patients all over Europe.

Hypothesis-driven research

A so-called “hypothesis-driven”translational research of PrimeCell is absolutely unique. it is focused on a translation of state-of-art basic research results/hypotheses to the next level of implementation. PrimeCell invest in these results. Our team, together with originators, develop know-how to preclinical, phase I/II and in some cases phase III (e.g. NTC Chondrograft™) clinical testing. We help scientists to increase the value of their intellectual property.

10000 meters of laboratories

PrimeCell is one of the key strategic and specialized investors in Europe in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. PrimeCell’s infrastructure comprises of almost 8000 m² of laboratory spaces, including 2000 m² cGMP manufacturing capacities. The company owns a high-tech R&D and manufacturing infrastructure for applied research, procurement and processing of human cells, genes and tissues.

More about our GMP labs and infrastructure: