The biomedical clinical trials company

PrimeCell is a biotech company focused on the development of medicinal products based on the manipulation of human cells. During the development and production process we utilize the natural properties of cells to aid in the regenerative process of the human body.

Through highly specialized and professional cell manipulation we are able to achieve the desired regenerative effect in the affected human tissue.

Primecell provides patients with specialized and highly personalized treatment methods using human cells and tissues, especially in cases where pharmaceutical and other conventional methods of treatment fail.

Specialized departments are responsible for the application of medicinal products for the treatment of the oncology, ischemic diseases , wound healing, orthopaedics, secondary symptoms of diabetes mellitus and others.

Our aim

The aim of PrimeCell is to improve quality of life and to apply more considerate methods of treatment for patients by means of our personalised treatment. We are devoted primarily to the preparation of autologous and allogeneic cells medicinal products We also cryostore stem cells from various sources such as umbilical cord blood, cord and adipose tissue, bone marrow and peripheral blood for patients´ future use.

Applied research and co-operation

We co-operate with renowned domestic and international scientific institutions and clinical centres with the goal of transferring fundamental research results into clinical practice. More than one hundred medical facilities and partners are part of the cooperating network of PrimeCell. We export tissue and cell medicinal products to several countries in the EU, Izrael and South Korea.

Primecell owns and operates an extensive proprietary development and production infrastructure for the manipulation, processing and production of human cells and tissues. It boast of 8000 m² laboratory premises of which 2000 m² are cGMP laboratories dedicated to the research and manufacture of cell and tissue products.

PrimeCell Advanced Therapy Infrastructure

5000 patients treated with our products a years

112 Co-operating clinical centers

85 Collecting establishments

3 Tissue establishments

100 + 700 employees and other cooperating specialists

Main advantages

  • 40 specialists in the area of applied research and the production of medicinal products, cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

  • Experience in transferring knowledge (know-how) from fundamental research into clinical practice.

  • Extensive product portfolio of cellbased medicinal products.

  • Experienced with clinical evaluations in accordance with the EU legislation.

  • Experience in the production of our own products guaranteeing high reliability and quality in working with cells.

  • Extensive clinical network in the Czech Republic – consisting of more than 100 co-operating medical facilities.

  • Development and production in accordance with GMP in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) premises.

  • Access to renowned clinical centres.

  • 2000m² cGMP