HR: Mgr. Michal Žůrek, Head of the Quality Control Department

Michal Žůrek joined the National Cell and Tissue Center as Head of the Quality Control Department. He studied biology and genetics at Masaryk University in Brno from which he graduated. During his studies he worked in Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology Laboratory at Mendel University as a scientific-research worker. There he wrote his bachelor’s thesis and later also master’s dissertation. Then he worked in company Oncomed a.s. as a microbiologist.

After a year and a half he moved to Canada where his job was a Houseman which is a technical worker for company Mountain Park Lodges. He and his fiancé were travelling across America, Canada and Alaska from June to September.

His hobbies are travelling and getting to know new places and people and fish keeping, he is a biker and a huge fan of hockey.