Cell manipulation

Human MSC´s platform

Based on cooperating research with ICRC / St.Anna University hospital and HansBiomed South Korea we target new drugs for autoimmune collapse, like GVHD, ARDS and Astma.

NK/CAR T platform

In CELLCOOLAB we develope efficient cell-based immunotherapy to treat patients with Hematological cancer. Mutual team consist of medical school of University Ostrava PrimeCell, Spadia Labs. The research was granted by (i) ERC St Grant 2018: Deciphering natural cell recruitment by different tumor types to design precise cell-based therapies . (ii) SGS 2018: Organoid systems for modeling of bone marrow environment in the development of multiple myeloma. Submitted., (iii) TRIO 2018: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic. Development of Universal CAR T cells. Submitted, (iv) GACR 2019: April, (v) Worldwide cancer research Grant 2019, (vi) Human Frontier Science Grant 2019, (vii) Swiss Bridge 2019.