Elen Šťastná, MD

Dr. Elen Šťastná graduated from Charles University in Hradec Kralové in general medicine. After obtaining a first degree specialization in the field of general medicine she worked in this field until 2000. She has been involved in the projects of preventive medicine and projects aimed at improving the quality of life. She has worked at the Danish pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company Pharma Nord at managerial position in the field of education. Dr. Šťastná also provides consulting and advisory services in marketing communications activities, strategic planning and PR. She is The President of Soroptimist International Prague-world, prestigious women’s organizations with direct access to the UN and other international organizations, such as UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Soroptimist International seeks to improve access to health care, doctors, midwives and applies to the fight against the spread of AIDS and transmission of the disease from mother to newborn and improvement of living conditions of women and children.

Dr. Štastná is the founder of the AA Homolka Club at the Department of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology Hospital Homolka, whose activities contribute to the improvement of awareness and better care for children with allergy and asthma.