Mgr. Igor Hlásenský

Legal matters of PrimeCell are in hands of a team of in-house lawyers led by Igor Hlásenský, young but well-experienced specialist in medical law as well as commercial and administrative law. Upon finishing his studies at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno in 2010, he worked for a respected law firm and later moved up to the Ministry of Health to became a main lawyer, inspector, and deputy head of Inspectorate of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Igor was a part of the European Commission team in Serbia, to help to bring this country’s legislation under the European lagislation. Igor is a major author of the text of the Czech Act On Drug Precursors and certain other general binding regulations and contributed significantly to terminate complicated and hyped cases. Nowadays Igor is ranked among leading experts in legal obligations related to handling with tissues and cells.