Adeno-associated viral gene therapy program based on the specific screen through its pyroptotic technology

Primecell’s immuno-oncology and immuno-infectious platform uses its proprietary pyroptosis technology to induce tumor cell and pathogen death via immune activation (innate and adaptive) with immune memory surveillance.

Primecell has two technologies to induce indication specific pyroptosis:  1) Oncology – safely and efficiently deliver a pyroptotic inducing gene through viral intratumoral administration and an oral small molecule “super-checkpoint” activator program with tumor specific pyroptosis induction and 2) Infectious Disease – a small molecule drug approach activating pyroptosis through oral administration.

Primecell uses the non-pathogenic, parvovirus adeno-associated virus (AAV) as the delivery vector for intracellular protein transport for its viral based oncology programs. Indication specificity is controlled by changing the AAV gene promotor controlling which cell type is able to transcribe the pyroptosis pro-caspase-1 gene. Promotor choice provides tumor specificity and safety.  Additional safety resides in need for pro-caspase-1 activation by an active inflammasome.  Non-tumor, “normal” cells do not have active inflammasomes and will not undergo pro-caspase-1 activation.  This program is a next generation checkpoint activator technology, “super-checkpoint”, with potential to not only “release the break” on tumor cell immune response but to sequester immune cells for innate and adaptive immune response.  Hence being able to turn a cold tumor into a hot tumor. Furthermore, Primecell’s super-checkpoint approach has the potential to cause direct tumor cell death.  These activities suggest significant improvement over conventional checkpoint inhibitors.

Our infectious disease small molecule approach broaches the meaning of pathogenic versus non-pathogenic infectious agents.  It again employs a checkpoint approach but here uses it to “unblock” the block on infectious disease immune response.  This recognizes and eradicates the pathogenicity of infectious agents.  We believe we are the only company developing this third mechanistic technology, i.e. not an antibiotic or a vaccine, but a cross between the two modalities.