Petr Čumba, M.Eng.

Ing. Petr Čumba graduated in the Brno University of Technology and in the course of his career, he held management positions in financial institutions, trading and manufacturing companies. Coming from a group SAB Finance – MPU, where was working as a chief financial officer in 2013-2016, he stood at the preparation of the transformation of MPU to a bank and ensure the implementation of new European legislation for the financial sector to internal processes. During his work for both companies there has been negligible growth in their profitability.

In 2010-2012 he was responsible for the financial management of manufacturing companies BONATRANS GROUP and MANEX Industrial Automation, where he led the crisis management team that has successfully completed the reorganization of the company.

Until 2009, he worked nearly 15 years in companies operating in oil and gas division of the KKCG Group. The longest in the MND, the biggest Czech oil and gas producer, where in addition to membership in the company boards, he managed finances in the parent company and subsidiaries. He was responsible for all standard economic activities, cash flow management in the group, both internal and external financing, management of domestic and foreign subsidiaries, development of gas trading after the end of state regulation, sales of crude oil, implementation of system of central purchasing, several transformations of companies in the group and other related activities.