Mgr. Eva Adamusová

Eva Adamusova graduated from the Faculty of Science at Charles University for Biochemistry in 2008. After graduation she continued the work from her diploma thesis at the Department of Cellular Neurophysiology at Physiological Institute at Czech Academy of Sciences. Her research focused on an influence of neurostereoids on NMDA receptors using transfected HEK cells and primary cultures from hippocampal neurons.

Since 2013 Eva has been working in the area of medical devices. During her career she worked for a manufacturer, distributors and also a Notified Body for medical devices.

As a Project Manager in Medicem Institute, she coordinated activities during preclinical phase of medical device development and planned clinical evaluations, product launches and post-market surveillance plans. Eva also has experience working with the Electrotechnical Testing Institute where she participated in technical file/design dossier assessments. Following this, Eva worked for several large device corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Philips Healthcare. During this time, Eva was responsible for registration of  medical devices in eighteen (18) central and eastern Europe countries where she also developed and implemented a vigilance process that standardized and reduce reporting requirements and timelines.

In her most recent role prior to joining Primecell Eva was a subject matter expert leading EU MDR implementation for international markets.