Company Zentiva obtained a license to AMNIODERM bio patch for chronical wounds healing from spin-off company BioHealing of the PrimeCell group

Company Zentiva obtained a license to AMNIODERM® bio patch for chronical wounds healing from spin-off company BioHealing of the PrimeCell group to market them on Czech and European market.

Pro českou verzi klikněte zde: Společnost Zentiva získala od spin-off společnosti BioHealing ze skupiny Primecell licenci k bionáplastem AMNIODERM®, které bude marketovat na českém a evropském trhu.

„We are glad that such an important pharmaceutical producer, like Zentiva is, decided to obtain the license and place AMNIODERM®, biological patch with extraordinary efficacy, developed by our team in our laboratories, on Czech and European market. Thanks to this, Czech patients are the first who get the possibility to efficaciously treat such a serious health problem, like chronic wounds are, by this medicinal product. Our team proved again to be among other EU leaders in tissue engineering and cell therapy” said Michal Zahradníček, the founder and main shareholder of PrimeCell.

„Company Zentiva, Czech manufacturer of medicinal products, is proud that by using of product AMNIODERM® can help the patients suffering from the hardly healing wounds. By concluding of this cooperation we reach the possibility to come up with unique patch which was developed in the Czech Republic and which will be presented by Czech company. We are convinced that biological patch AMNIODERM® will not only make the clinical condition of patients better but also improve the quality of their lives,“ said Soňa Porubská, CEO of Zentiva for Czech and Slovak Republic.

„Zentiva belongs among the biggest manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals in Europe with its reach in thousands of practices and clinics. The signing of the License Agreement enables us to finish our ambitions that are not only development of the strictly biological product for chronic wounds healing but also supply it to everybody, first of all Czech patients, who need it to cardinal improvement of the quality of their lives. I want to thank all the physicians who took a part in the development for several years,“ said Iveta Minaříková, the Director of AMNIODERM® development.

AMNIODERM® is a biological patch from human amniotic membrane, protected by patent AMNIPUR®, especially designed for the chronic wounds use mainly, but not only, for diabetics. It is a tissue transplant but it is applied in outpatient clinics.

About the Company Zentiva

The company Zentiva is a producer of affordable quality medicinal products for patients from Europe and outside Europe. With more than 4.700 employees and network of production plants (including flag production plants in Prague, Bucharest and Ankleshwar) it is our goal to achieve a leader position in the field of brand and generic medicinal products in Europe and maximally fulfill the needs of all people in terms of healthcare. In Zentiva we believe that healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Today, more than ever, people need better access to available quality medicinal products and appropriate medical care. In cooperation with physicians, pharmacists, wholesale dealers, controllers and government administration we provide everyday solutions which create foundations of quality healthcare which is essential for modern society.

About the Company PrimeCell

PrimeCell is a bio-med company focusing on research, development and clinical testing of biological medicines and medicinal technologies, which are changing genes’ and cells’ parameters to support regeneration and better function of human tissues and organs. It was found in 2007. Recently Primecell announced his promising REMESCOR drug for patients with COVID 19, and also drug for osteoarthrosis. Its research portfolio consists of six programs. Yearly supplies products for the treatment of thousands of patients in several countries.

About the Company BioHealing

BioHealing was established in 2012 as the National Cell and Tissue Center spin-off company in order to complete applied development of the product AMNIODERM® and its placement on the market. The goal is to make the product used in as wide as possible group of patients suffering from chronic wounds.